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Philadelphia tantra community and Philadelphia tantric practitioner offering tantra workshops, tantric parties, yoga, sacred yoga and private yoga lessons in Philadelphia. We also offer yoga workshops to deepen your self -care practice and spiritual workshops to inspire your spirit. We are a Philadelphia wellness community focusing on consciousness, meditation, sensual mindfulness, feminine awakening, Goddess awakening, Shakti awakening and sexual healing. We are a sex positive community and can link you with practitioners of sex therapy, sexual therapy, surrogate partner therapy, hug therapy, cuddle therapy, touch therapy, tantric massage, authenticity coaching, vulnerability coaching, private meditation, priestess initiation and priestess awakening. We believe that this planet is an Earth ship and that Earth is Eden. Our natural state is ecstasy and bliss.  We tend to get a lot of swingers in this community and priestesses who are looking to enhance their skills, we are also a mystery school.
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