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Tantra is worship of one-another, 

and through one another, worship of The Divine. 


Tantra is a wave ~ a plane of pleasure and healing life energy. 


Tantra is sensuality, realized and embodied. 


Tantra is a devoted offering of our body’s and our mind’s attention to one-another. 


Tantra is a subtle, feeling type of communication, spoken through the body. 


Tantra is a supremely blissful way to connect with another in the present moment. 


Tantra is direct, conscious connection to the Spirit of Life. 


Tantra is the human experience of God-dess. 

Tantric practices are so powerful because they give rise to feelings of deep connection to one's inner-self and to Life as a whole.  This type of connection heals and aligns the bodymind to a natural state of connection and flow. 


Schedule a Tantric Touch or Tantra Training session if you would like to explore this profound manner of connection

The word "tantra's" literal translation from Sanskrit means: “to weave” or “to extend."  My friend, a Russian word historian, shared once that the root words "tan" and "ra" come together to mean “dance of God.”  


These definitions may offer a sense of tantra, but there is so much more that is revealed through this concept / energy / practice / experience / philosophy / state of being, and exchange, that tantra will likely have a different meaning for everyone who enters it's realm.


For me, tantra is a way of being that allows for the opening of an inner portal where all that are present, and in ripples beyond, are gifted the nectar of the universe. 

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