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About Our Parties

We believe that Eden is a plane of existence ~  a heavenly state of being that can be accessed here and now, if we take proper time and attention to tune in.  

Our parties are designed to break us out of the ordinary realms of relating and into a deeper form of playful, embodied exchange. We ask that you honor the Space & ALL Spirits present. This is the most important aspect of our gatherings. 

We ask that guests arrive on time, unless otherwise specified in the event invite. The subtle, energetic realms need to be cultivated carefully - coming and going energy weakens the container.  

It is best to arrive well fed but not full and with a clear mind.  Digesting a too full belly of food and wine makes it difficult to access the subtle, mystical realms. 

When choosing your clothing, please consider your physical comfort foremost.  It is difficult to feel your own energy flow properly if your awareness is busy managing uncomfortable clothing.  

Adorn! Dress yourself to impress yourself!  Come with a new shade of personality, if you wish.  We welcome and invite your freedom to explore yourself and  expand!  

Sometimes we will have clothing optional events ~ why? Because it's nice to have options!  If you plan on being in the buff, make sure you bring a sarong to sit on throughout the night.

It is our mission to grow sacred playground with intention and integrity so that we can keep the vibrational field in good juju and flow.  Please feel free to invite friends who will enjoy and enhance this special gathering space!  

A Deeper Look


The Difference between Sexual and Sensual

Our culture often links tantra, sensuality and pleasure with sexuality. This can be extremely limiting and diminishing to the fullness of Life.  Eden gatherings are designed to be sensual in nature. Using our senses to tune in, our awareness heightens and expands, giving us access to  deeper realms of experience.  It is here, in this subtle realm, where pleasure and presence can be cultivated. 


We believe sex is divine, and we, your passionate hosts, LOVE to worship in this way, but sex is not the purpose or goal of Circle of Eden.  Touch, sensation and energetic awareness are powerful means to explore deeper forms of presence through interaction.  These enhanced states bring a beautiful experience of connection, ease and harmonious resonance.  


Because our world is colored with an endless array of fantastic beings, we are designing these gatherings to bring in all different types of energies and make space for a rainbow of expression. Expect the unexpected and see how delightful it is when we all sync up.

 Alcohol  & Other Mind Altering Substances

Sometimes we welcome libations at our gatherings and other times we do not.  Please make sure to read the invite carefully and arrive in the manner the invitation puts forth.


We look forward to connecting with you, 
in Divine Love &Play
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