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About our Parties

We believe that Eden is a plane of existence ~  a heavenly state of being that can be accessed here and now, if we take proper time and attention to tune in.  

Honor the Space & ALL Spirits Present

This is the most important aspect of our gatherings. 

House Rules of Play

Honor the Space & ALL Spirits Present

This is the most important aspect of our gatherings. 


We invite you to imagine that atmosphere (the Space between us and all around us) is alive and listening to all that takes place.  Wonder for just a moment that Space, which we sometimes call the Field, is not just listening, it is waiting for our direction.  In this realm of mystical play we can say that Space picks up queues from our unconscious transmissions.  This because most people are not paying attention to or acknowledging this powerful, invisible friend.  


This acknowledgement of Space and Atmosphere as a conscious friend is the foundation for our play at Circle of Eden.  When we begin to consciously engage with the invisible, energetic realm, a new and wakeful world is possible.  We invite you to make friends with Space.  Receive its vibe and CONTINUE through the engagement (and when you go home, if you so choose) to acknowledge this invisible presence.  This may be a new concept for you, but we invite you to suspend your disbelief, even if only for the evening, and play in this mystical way. Notice the feeling in the air as you live for a moment in this room.  Is there a certain vibration that you wish for?  Add your own energetic wish to the mix by FEELING it into the Space around you, and know that Space is listening. 


Keep the WHOLE Space (all friends, Atlas, Atmosphere and music) in your sight, sound and feeling awarenesses as you move through the engagement. We expand and sync up when we are aware of the whole.  When you hear the singing bowl toll, it is a reminder to reconnect to this zoomed out awareness of our friend Space and Atmosphere.  


Explore a moment of silence. We invite you to find time to be quiet and NOT engage in talk for a portion of this party, or for the whole event, if you feel so inclined. Quiet your mind and body, let your nervous system rest and allow yourself to feel the Space.  Feel yourself in Space. Spread out your energy and TAKE UP Space. Look and see what scene is playing out before you. Take in the life around you. 


Express yourself! We welcome you to move and explore your body in the Space - Stretch on the stairwell, dance with the plants, shake for the Spirit of our city and world.  Use your voice, bang a drum, pet the floor, bless the space with peacock feathers (we do this all the time)  Be creative and colorful in your expression.  Welcoming Aliveness and Play! 


Have so much fun, but please mind your alcoholic intake.  Too much alcohol can add foggy energy to the space and inhibits your ability to stay connected.  


 Be open.  Be vulnerable.  And EXPLORE✨


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